Friday, 11 December 2009

How Do Perpetual Magnetic Generators Work?

A magnetic generator is essentially a perpetual motion generator. How do these machines work and what makes them so special. The term perpetual motion refers to the movement of something that continues on forever. This means that a perpetual motion generator would be a generator that creates electricity forever. The advantages of this are very clear. A generator that could create electricity without using much or very little power would be a very efficient one. Magnetic power generators work on this principle but take it one step further by allow you to create electricity in your home which is completely eco-friendly.

Magnetic power generators harness the power of magnets to make perpetual motion possible. Using these magnets as a so called source of power, these generators are able to work almost indefinitely. Magnets really only have a life span of a few hundred years, but it would be safe to say that for many people a few hundred years of free energy could be considered forever. Not only does this translate into power forever but extremely clean energy which can be produced without excessive pollution commonly found in most modern methods of creating electricity.

Most methods of creating power involve a certain level of friction or resistance which means in order to create power a considerable amount of energy must be consumed. This is something perpetual motion machines overcome. By reducing or completely eliminating this commonly found friction and resistance, magnetic generators are able to produce the most efficient and clean enery we as home owners are currently able to produce.

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