Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Inside Magnets and How they Make Magnetic Generators Possible

Magnetic generators are able to do what they do thanks to the power of magnets. If anyone is thinking about setting up their own magnetic power generator, then it wouldn't hurt to take a look at magnets and try to get a better understanding of just what they are exactly and how they work. There are actually many different kinds of magnets and they are all made using completely different materials. Magnets have been around since the Greeks discovered that lodestone attracted pieces of iron. It was from that time on the mystery and power of magnets has been probed, researched and constantly amazed young children.

Magnets are all created equal and there are actually three different kinds of magnets. The first kind is referred to as permanent or hard magnets. This kind of magnet is what most people would be familiar with. They are the usual kind we find in fridge magnets and most other common daily used devices. These magnets create a magnetic field all the time. They never switch on and off and they are always making a magnetic field. This allows fridge makes to stay stuck to the fridge without falling off. The second kind of magnet is called temporary or soft magnets. As you might be able to guess from the name, these kinds of magnets aren't always "on". The magnetic field that they create doesn't last forever. Just when are these magnets "on"? When they are in the presence of a magnetic field and for a little time after, they continue to produce their own magnetic field. It is during these times that they are considered magnets. The third kind of magnet is an electromagnet. These magnets only produce an electric field when electricity is traveling through their wire coils.

Besides having three different kinds of magnets, there are different materials that can be used in the construction of them. The common fridge magnet is made from ceramic. You will also find these kinds of magnets in many school science classrooms around the world. They contain iron oxide in a ceramic composite. These kinds of magnets aren't very strong. Alnico magnets are made from aluminum, nickel and cobalt. Unlike ceramic magnets, these ones are actually much stronger but still don't come anywhere near the power from rare-earth metal magnets. Rare-earth metal magnets fall into two groups; neodymium and samarium cobalt. These two groups of magnets offer the strongest magnetic fields known to this day.

So just how do magnets work? Magnets do what they do thanks to all of the magnetic domains within ferromagnetic materials, like iron, cobalt and nickel, pointing in the same direction. A magnetic domain is basically a small magnet in itself. Usually, the domains in these materials are not pointing in the same direction and they cancel each other out. The higher the number of these domains that point in the same direction, the stronger the magnetic field of the magnet is. This is essentially how a magnet works and why it creates a magnetic field.

Magnetic generators rely entirely on the magnetic field produced by magnets. It is this magnetic field that allows magnetic power generators to create electricity using a source of energy that doesn't pollute or produce large amounts of harmful by products. With a better understanding of why and how magnets work, you'll have a much greater appreciation of making clean home electricity with your very own magnetic generator.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Magnetic Generator Setup Costs?

Normally, the cost associated with making your own home power has a very high price tag associated with it. This can easily be seen in the sheer cost of solar power and other alternative electricity generation methods. Many home owners fall into the trap of going the alternative power source route only to find out that along the way they end up spending much more money than they had planned. Was this because they didn't do enough homework? Did they just jump into the alternative power source move without thinking about what it is going to cost them? While some home owners may fall into this category, the majority did all the researched required but just weren't told the complete truth about making your own home electricity. Was this intentional or otherwise? It is hard to say but most people usually end up spending more on making electricity for their own home than they planned.

So why do so many home owners spend too much money on making electricity? Well, the problem is because solar power and other methods of power creation don't reveal all the costs up front. You also need to think about short term and long term costs. Many solutions look cheap up front but when you read the fine print you see that the cost to make electricity in the long run is much more expensive than just getting it from the power companies. Areas home owners usually fall victim to are high prices of setting up the required materials and then ongoing maintenance costs. Little did they know that each year or every few months something needed to be serviced. In the end it turns out they are spending much more than they had ever realized. This is kind of pointless if you spend more making electricity via green methods than you would getting it from the power companies. Going green is good but not if you can't justify the expense. Magnetic generators are an exception to the rule and their low setup and ongoing costs are the reason they offer the best home electricity solution.

Magnetic power generators are inexpensive to setup in both the short and long run. You can setup your own generator for as little as $100 USD. Just how can they be so inexpensive when other power methods end up costing home owners thousands of dollars and offer very little real savings? They can do this because of the materials they use in their construction. The main source of power for magnetic generators are magnets. Magnets in themselves are not expensive and their long life (several hundred years) make them extremely efficient. In addition to using robust magnets, the generators also require very few complex parts. The design is simple and they can be made using very common parts that are found throughout the world. The inexpensive setup costs coupled with very low ongoing costs make them very cheap for any home owner wanting to make their own electricity.

Before you jump into something that promises to allow you to make free power or electricity from home, be sure you have read the fine print. Magnetic generators are the only home power solution that offers you an inexpensive solution to making home electricity with an energy device that doesn't cost much upfront or in the long run.

Friday, 11 December 2009

How Do Perpetual Magnetic Generators Work?

A magnetic generator is essentially a perpetual motion generator. How do these machines work and what makes them so special. The term perpetual motion refers to the movement of something that continues on forever. This means that a perpetual motion generator would be a generator that creates electricity forever. The advantages of this are very clear. A generator that could create electricity without using much or very little power would be a very efficient one. Magnetic power generators work on this principle but take it one step further by allow you to create electricity in your home which is completely eco-friendly.

Magnetic power generators harness the power of magnets to make perpetual motion possible. Using these magnets as a so called source of power, these generators are able to work almost indefinitely. Magnets really only have a life span of a few hundred years, but it would be safe to say that for many people a few hundred years of free energy could be considered forever. Not only does this translate into power forever but extremely clean energy which can be produced without excessive pollution commonly found in most modern methods of creating electricity.

Most methods of creating power involve a certain level of friction or resistance which means in order to create power a considerable amount of energy must be consumed. This is something perpetual motion machines overcome. By reducing or completely eliminating this commonly found friction and resistance, magnetic generators are able to produce the most efficient and clean enery we as home owners are currently able to produce.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

What Kind of Savings Can a Magnetic Generator Provide?

One of the biggest driving factors behind the search for alternative ways to generate electricity is how much money you can save. The cost of electricity has and will continue to steadily rise. It is no wonder that home owners have been looking for ways to get in early and start saving money by making their own electricity. Magnetic generators give you the chance to save money by making your own power at home, but just how much can you save? Probably the best way to fully understand how much these generators can save you is to take a look at the other options to making your own electricity at home and seeing how much they can save you compared to magnetic generators. This way you'll see why these simple generators are the best choice to saving money, making your own power and saving the planet.

Solar power is extremely popular and widely used. It is the most popular green alternative method to making electricity at your home. Just how much does a home owner stand to save if they install solar panels on their house? This is where solar power falls short of the dreams many people had for it when it was first invented all these years ago. The biggest problem with solar power is that you stand to save very little money on your power bill based on the poor efficiency of solar panels. They create very little electricity and must be used on a very large scale to see any real impact. This is probably why you see more solar water heaters installed on houses than actual houses using solar power panels to create electricity. Solar power is a great idea but you don't stand to see any real gains or savings on your power bill.

Magnetic generators, however, offer home owners a real chance at actually saving money and creating their own power. You can expect to save at least 30% off your current power bill if you make the move to installing your own magnetic generator in your house. Is this as much as you can save uing these generators? No, it isn't. Home owners can save up to 50% or even more and it is actually possible to generate all the electricity your house needs and completely removing the reliance on power companies. Just how much power you want to generate really depends on what kind of setup you are looking for. Do you want to only partially power your house and still experience modest savings on your electricity bill? Or are you looking for a simple solution to make all of the electricity you'll ever need at home? This is the beauty of magnetic generators as they can be scaled to suit your specific needs.

Magnetic generators can be scaled to match your own personal needs and will give you a real chance at saving 30% and even more off your current bill. No matter if you are only looking for a way to partially create your own free electricity at home or make all of your own free power, magnetic generators will deliver.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Magnetic Generator - What Are They?

There is probably a very good chance that you have heard about the alternative methods we have available today to create power. Some of the methods that can be used to create electricity outside of burning fossil fuels are through harnessing the power of the sun and the wind. These two methods are probably two of the most common power creation methods we have available today. However, there is another way you and anyone can create power that isn't as widely known. Magnetic generators have been around for sometime but still fail to be widely known. They offer you the chance to make your own clean electricity at home no matter where you live.

Magnetic generators, unlike solar and wind power, don't rely on any outside source of power. Solar power is limited by its reliance on the sun. There are many areas around the world that just don't receive the required amount of light that is needed to generate sufficient power. Wind power, another favorite clean alternative to making power also suffers draw backs. Wind power is only effective in areas where there is enough wind to spin turbines that create electricity. Magnetic generators posses neither of these drawbacks and allow you to create power from your own home no matter where you live.

Magnetic generators create power through the use of magnets. These magnets remove the reliance of the generator on any outside source of power. Put simply, once a magnetic generator is started it will operate and continue to operate indefinitely. It is able to do this thanks to the use of magnets which keep the generator in perpetual motion. It is forever spinning and working and as a result it is creating electricity indefinitely. These generators can be used anywhere in the world and will operate in your own home. This allows anyone the chance to build their own generator and reduce how much they are currently spending on their power.

Magnetic generators, while not as known as solar and wind power, are set to gain significant coverage in the future as it becomes more widely known at just how efficient and cost effective they are at generating home electricity. If you want a reliable and effective way to create your own power to save money on your power bill and help reduce your carbon footprint, then magnetic generators are the solution.